Cecil Park

winemaker, owner

Winefornia owner and founder, Cecil Park, is developing her reputation as one of the most innovative winemakers in America's wine capital: Napa Valley. Park loves experimenting and creating never-been-mixed unique blends of wine. She founded Winefornia to create personalized and customized wines for her growing global client base that has included corporate clients, hotels, and golf tournaments such as LPGA and PGA.  

Raised in Korea, Park was instilled with an endless curiosity and tireless work ethic, refusing to let obstructions detract from her determinations. She studied Biotechnology Engineering at Yonsei University and made a successful career in marketing with a full understanding of production and creative ideas until she decided to move to the U.S. 

Upon arriving in America, she was pushed outside the limits of her comfort zone culturally, socially, and professionally, and exposed to new challenges and possibilities.

Along the way, she tapped into her artistic and creative side and at the same time she rediscovered her true passion for science. It manifested itself in a new form: winemaking. 

Entering the exclusive vintner community as a woman and an immigrant, she has had to overcome numerous adversities. However, she has embraced the obstacles as hurdles to leap over and opportunities to learn from.

While devoting herself to Winefornia, Park continued to deepen her knowledge in the art and the science of winemaking, and received the second bachelor degree from U.C Davis with the major of Viticulture and Enology. She strives to succeed rather than just survive. Fittingly, she has conquered these challenges by internalizing a Genghis Khan saying "if you're afraid - don't do it, if you're doing it - don't be afraid!"

Adam Casto

Winemaker, Winery Designer

Having studied both Engineering and Fine Art, Adam’s path to winemaking and winery design was an unexpected one. Originally from Colorado, Adam Casto spent the majority of a decade working in winemaking around the world; from New Zealand and Australia to South America and Europe. With a passion for mountains and the fruit character they provide, he eventually decided to settle in the Napa Valley.

Adam’s diverse background has allowed him the opportunity to be involved with many facets of the wine industry, and he regularly utilizes a wide range of skills throughout it. Working with some of Napa’s most premiere estates and intelligentsia has provided the fortuity to expand his unique understanding of wine as cultural device both functional and recondite. 

Adam is most interested in the semiotic analogue between wine as design instrument, its ongoing reciprocal evolution with society and the cultural implications thereof, and carries this perspective through his design approach to winery aesthetic and function.

Wesley McBratney


Wesley McBratney has spent nearly a decade in winemaking, working in Napa, CA and New Zealand. He has a passion for wine, and skills learned from multiple degrees at UC Davis, where he studied Physics, Neurobiology and most importantly Viticulture and Oenology. Wesley has a strong scientific background from years of study and research, and an unquenchable curiosity for the new and exciting. After collecting his degrees, Wesley then trained his palate, working with some of the best winemakers in the Napa Valley including Pam Starr from Crocker & Starr, and Andy Erickson from Favia.

By using this combination of strong science and a stellar palate, Wesley has made an impact on both the wine science community and the wine tasting community. Wesley focuses on freshness and clarity of fruit and site when making wine. He believes that the wine has a personality of its own, and Wesley lets that innate personality dictate the direction of winemaking, using winemaking tools to refine the voice of the wine.

Wesley is helping focus the winemaking style at Winefornia where he works with Cecil Park in order realize her or her client’s vision of each wine. Wesley colludes with Cecil on the important winemaking decisions, where they plan the course of each wine.  Wesley also acts as a brand ambassador at tasting events, where he informs clients and customers about the message of Winefornia.

James Murnane

Strategy Advisor

Originally from San Diego, James studied economics and sociology at UC Berkeley where he developed a balanced approach that is both pragmatic and aspirational. His role at Winefornia is to develop a sustainable business model that keeps the clients’ needs at the forefront, using empathy to identify and understand the root cause of problems.

Working as a Design Strategist at Salesforce, James has used empathy and has facilitated creative thinking with customers in order to help them achieve their long-term goals. From his experience, James utilizes a unique perspective to winemaking, applying a design-thinking mindset to winemaking and winery design. James is passionate not only about solidifying the client-first approach, but also developing internal strategy and structure, building partnerships, and embracing the wine community in order to build a holistic, customized wine service for customers with a wine ecosystem to support them every step of their journey.  

His favorite style of wine is a dry, earthy, and peppery red.